Posted by: nichemarketplace | November 13, 2008

Finding your inner voice …


I love writing … it makes me feel alive. My pulse quickens, all the neurons in my brain spark and flare, and instead of warring with each other (as they so often do), my intellect and my emotions — my head and my heart — are yoked together in the pursuit of a common goal.

When I write, I am totally immersed in the moment. Writing is more than an outlet for creativity — it is an act of becoming, rather than just being. Remember how you felt when you graduated from High School? You had your whole life ahead of you and the whole world was at your feet just waiting to be explored. That is how I feel when I am writing “in the zone.” I am the captain of my own destiny and the future has yet to be written.

So it is incredible to me that I haven’t been able to write anything of substance in almost five months. My sister passed away suddenly in June, 2008. My mother’s health — both physical and mental — is failing. Oh, I’ve had my share of challenges and then some (but then again who doesn’t?).

Albert Schweitzer is credited with the quotation: “In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.” I guess I’ve always written more from the heart, than from the head. In recent months, I’ve felt too vulnerable to publically articulate my feelings in words. At the same time, the intensity of my emotions has made it impossible for me to consider writing about anything else.

So what caused my breakthrough moment? I took an intensive webinar from the fabulous online marketing guru and success coach Janelle Elms of the Online Success Institute and OSI Rock Stars about — of all things — building a successful eBay store. One of the assignments for the class was a detailed description about who do you want to be online? Guess what? … You can’t explain who you want to be online without first figuring out who you are and where you’re going. So I learned that I am, at heart, a writer. And what is a writer? The simplest — and ultimately the most profound — answer to that question is: a writer is someone who writes.

Joanna Young of ConfidentWriter.Com is a writer of great passion and profound insight. In an inspiring blogpost entitled On Losing and Finding Your Voice (Part 2), Joanna speaks of the healing power of writing: “And then starting to feel better. Starting to take more control over my dreams, my words, my world. Creating the world that I wanted as I shaped and was shaped by the words that I wrote.”

In that spirit, I am writing — and shopping — my way back to the land of the living. I hope you will join me on the journey. Shop a little, share a little, grow a little … sounds like the recipe for a pretty fine life, doesn’t it?



  1. Rina, thank you so much for sharing this piece with us. I am greatly moved by what you have written, and the way you have connected it back to some of my words. It is the most wonderful feedback, thank you.


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