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How I found my bliss in a sale bin at a thrift shop?


What makes you happy?

What fills you with so much joy that it completely overflows into the lives of others?

Some time ago, I bought a new car and it has a CD player (my old car only played cassette tapes). Recently I was poking around my favorite thrift store … I’ve found some of my best eBay Home Runs at this store (an “eBay home run” is an object or collectible that was purchased for a pittance at a thrift store, garage sale, or estate sale and sold on eBay for “big bucks”). I’m rummaging through their CDs and I come across an obscure CD of Broadway show tunes called A Broadway Celebration. Now Broadway show tunes are a long-standing guilty pleasure of mine. I didn’t recognize any of the artists on the CD and the name of the recording company doesn’t even appear on the case (a vanity pressing?), but I thought I’d take a chance.

So a few weeks ago, I was driving home from visiting my aging mom at the private care home and I was feeling a little down. I popped the Broadway show tunes CD into the player and I was transported to another time. On the CD, was a quartet — two male voices, two female voices (Lainie Nelson, Susan Watson, George Ball, and Dan Gettinger) — accompanied by pianist. The group sings mostly show tune medleys.  There was a Rodgers – Hammerstein – Hart medley, a Styne – Merril – Sondeim medley, an Lloyd Webber – Hart medley,  even a Jerry Herman medley. The style hearkened back to the early ’60s, a time when the Broadway Musicals not only dominated the Great White Way, but show tunes were a mainstay of supper and night clubs (occasionally crossing over to T.V. variety shows and Top 40 radio). There were tunes from Oklahoma, Flower Drum Song, Funny Girl, Gypsy, Camelot, My Fair Lady, Cats, even Phantom of the Opera … before I knew it I was singing along at full volume as my car crept down the freeway at rush hour. I even attempted a little impromptu harmonizing on Cockeyed Optimist from South Pacific. And as I sang my heart out, I stopped compulsively checking the clock, cursing the traffic, and, gradually, my burdens lifted. I was enraptured and living totally “in the moment.”

There is a famous quote by Joseph Campbell … “I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” Now I’m not saying that I have a new dream — Rina Mizrahi Varon, Broadway Star! But I am asking myself, what is my bliss? And where do I go to find it?

At, there is a compelling article entitled How To Find Your Bliss So You Can Follow It. In it, there are a list of tips to help you recognize what it feels like to find and follow your bliss:

  • you feel at one with the world, as if everything is in its rightful place and all interconnected
  • you feel totally alive, as if your body is resonating at a slightly higher frequency
  • you eyes light up and you feel like you could spend hours talking about the subjects you love
  • you see things more clearly, as if a mist has cleared or a fog has lifted and now you can see more clearly or deeply understand
  • you feel totally at home within your skin and so comfortable within yourself that you the ideas of who you are fade
  • time ceases to exist when you are following your bliss – whether that is researching at home or being on stage
  • you feel surrounded by kindred spirits when you find other people who are passionate about the same things
  • you have deep, insightful discussions with people you have known only a few minutes
  • you experience leaps of insight and the profound understanding of concepts and ideas that go beyond words
  • you find yourself creating at an extraordinary level far beyond your normal abilities
  • worlds of ideas and knowledge that you never knew existed open up to you
  • the world becomes a place where synchronicities start to make sense and form a subtle path pointing you to the things you need to discover
  • you find yourself (many times unknowingly) amassing a collection of resources built around your bliss
  • you feel the touch of unseen hands guiding you
  • you feel like a light deep inside of you has been turned on
  • days you follow your bliss start to feel a bit like Christmas morning, making you want to jump out of bed and see what the day holds
  • you surprise yourself by the things you say and do because they make you seem much smarter and gifted than you usually think you are

To read the complete article How To Find Your Bliss So You Can Follow It, go to: Find Your Bliss.

Harold Whitman has been quoted as saying, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Or as Charity Hope Valentine — the heroine of the Broadway Musical Sweet Charity (music by Cy Coleman, lyrics by Dorothy Fields and book by Neil Simon) — would express it musically …

There’s gotta be something better than this.
There’s gotta be something better to do,
And when I find me something better to do.
I’m gonna get up, I’m gonna get out …
I’m gonna get up, get out and do it!

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  1. Great article Rina! I am off in search of bliss…


  2. I find bliss every time I walk into a thrift store, It’s a real adventure to find things that can make you so happy. Even if I walk out with nothing, it lifts my spirits every time.

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